How to connect Mac to Bluetooth speaker? It is not a difficult task for sure. However, some people may need to read the step-by-step guide to follow the steps thoroughly. Generally, all products with Bluetooth devices require a different step-by-step guide and the instructions come with the device. You can read it and then apply it. On the other hand, some products instruct in other languages but English which may make you overwhelmed. In this article, we will show you how to connect Mac to Bluetooth speaker easily with steps. As we have mentioned earlier, using Bluetooth audio system on a Mac device is simple. You just need to enable the Bluetooth connection on both speakers and the Mac device. Other than that, any type or brand of the Bluetooth speaker could be connected to the device.

How to Connect the Speaker to Mac The first thing to do is turning on the Bluetooth speaker and turn on the discoverable mode. Commonly, this mode will be automatically turned on once you turn on the device. Check your Mac device and click the Apple logo. A drop-down menu will show up and choose “System Preferences”. A new window will show up on your screen and click the Bluetooth icon to open the panel. Here you can see your speaker and click “Connect”. It takes a few seconds until the speakers are connected to your Mac. The indication is that the “Connect” button will disappear. Once both devices are connected, you can adjust the volume on the speakers and your Mac so you can listen to the sound. Do not forget to test your audio. The easiest way to test your audio system is by using iTunes, any video, or simply go to YouTube. Mac can connect to any brand and type of Bluetooth speaker even the cheapest ones.

How to Disconnect Bluetooth Speakers from Mac You do not need to do this but you can disconnect your speakers from your Mac device. The easiest way is to turn off the speakers. However, your Mac will automatically try to pair with the speakers once they come back or your turn them on. However, you can prevent this thing to happen by accessing the Bluetooth panel just like we have shown in the previous paragraph. Once you have found your speakers’ names on the Bluetooth panel, you can click the “Disconnect” option.

Removing Speakers from Mac You can also simply remove the speakers from the paired device. It will prevent your Mac to pair it automatically in the future. You need to click the Apple logo on the top left of your screen and click “System Preferences”. Open the Bluetooth icon and find your speakers on the menu. You will see a small X button next to your speakers’ names and later you need to confirm that the speakers are removed. This step makes your speakers official out of your Mac’s life. You can pair it in the future if you want to. And this is the end section of how to connect Mac to Bluetooth speaker. best bluetooth speaker under 50