Finding best embroidery machine for beginners could be one of the toughest jobs to do. There are available thousands product you can choose on the market. However, you don’t need to worry. Here, we have recommendations for the most suitable product for beginner, who want to try to use embroidery machine.

Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine

Design The design is pretty simple. We can’t say that it has amazing or cool design. But, everything was placed at proper place. The buttons is placed within your reach, so you can easily operate it. And, it also has small size, which makes it easy to carry around or use.

The Features This product has lot of features; one of them is its capability in creating high quality embroidery design. There are several designs that were installed inside this machine. You can choose it, or you can use your own design by importing it into this machine. You can even import more than 1000 design into it. The embroidery area is pretty small, which is only 4” x 4”. You won’t be able to make complicated and wider design. But, for beginner, this size is enough for learning. However, if your skill is increasing and you want to create more complicated design, maybe you need to get other machine.

Pros: - Simple design, - Ready to import 1000 designs, - High quality result.

Cons: - Small embroidery area (4”x4”)

Singer S10 Studio 5.5 Embroidery Sewing Machine

Design It’s beautiful and simple. Singer has done great job to choose the design for this product. You can use all its function from the control panel on the side of this machine. With small LED screen, it will help you to choose the feature easily.

The Features The built-in computer in this product allows you to use any features in it easier. You also can find 55 ready-to-use embroidery designs inside. You can use the scaling, rotating or mirroring feature in it to create the combination for your new design. Unfortunately, you can only use that feature to create the design. You can’t import your own design into this machine, which make your choice is kind of limited here. However, this machine has Trace feature. You can use this feature to create nice trace of the pattern or border design, so you can easily place it on right place on your fabric. This will help you to combine many different patterns that you can find in this machine to create new design.

Pros: - Built-in computer with LED screen, - 55 ready-to-use embroidery design, - Trace feature.

Cons: - No import feature.

Conclusion Those two are the best choices among many embroidery sewing machine products you can find today. Each of them has different feature and benefits. So, you just need to choose the product that can give you what you need. For the price, they are quite affordable, because those products are made for entry level and beginner. So, you don’t need to worry about this matter.