best embroidery machine for hats will be a great investment especially since hat embroidery is still very promising business nowadays. People love to wear the hat which is suitable to their liking and the embroidery machine will help them get the hat they want. Of course, choosing the best one will be pretty challenging but by considering the important features for the best choice of hat embroidery machine, it will be so much easier.

Standard Needle Requirement The very first thing to consider is about the needle. There is standard needle for embroidery machine needed by hat embroidery whether for the custom or the commercial one. In this circumstance, people need to get the machine with 15 needles. This number of needles is needed because people can find the project which needs 15 colors for one hat embroidery. It must be troublesome if they have to switch the thread for this kind of job if they just use the embroidery machine with six needles. Sewing Field The sewing field of the best hat embroidery machine must be wide. There are various projects of hat embroidery which needs embroidery from ear to ear. That is why the field should be 270 degrees. It is also crucial for making sure that the machine comes with at least two hoops for caps.

Hoop Amounts There must be hard work involved in hat embroidery business. That is why people need to be careful with their choice of embroidery machine for hat especially when they want to make it as industry or professional business. In this circumstance, the machine should come with two units of hoops for each size. It is important not only for the hat embroidery but also for the flat garment embroidery need. This way, they will be able to apply the hoop to the next hat when the machine is sewing the current hat. It will make the whole process faster in the production line after all.

Speed of Embroidery It is also necessary for considering about the speed of the embroidery process. The measurement of the embroidery speed will be counting the stitches which can be done in a minute. The higher measurement will mean that the machine will be able to embroider more hats in one hour. Of course, it will mean that they will be able to create more money.

Sewing All Day Last but not least, people cannot ignore the ability of the embroidery machine for doing its job for certain period of time. How long the machine can embroider the hat will affect to the production and profit for sure. It must be so much better if people use the machine which can sew all day. This is something which people will look for from the commercial hat bestembroiderymachine for sure. It should be able to run every day all day. This is the type of machine which is made for hat and cap manufacture for sure. The machine for consumer can only last for a few hours during weekends only so it might not be considered as the best embroidery machine for hats.