Some people tend to choose cordless shaver as their best electric shaver. Cordless electric shaver offers flexible shaving. You can move the shaver without getting confused with the cable. There are hundreds of cordless electric shavers out there. The list below helps you to decide the best electric shaver especially if you want to bring cordless shaver anywhere and anytime you want.

Braun Series 9 Braun is considered as an experienced electric shaver company. They know what you needs while shaving so they launch Braun Series 9. As the best electric shaver, Braun Series 9 is designed handy and comfortable enough to use. Braun is using chrome finished plastic and this is where the sleek design is coming from. People love to use it also because the four way share system. By using this system, you are about to use an electric shaver with great four cutting elements, floating grills, as well as two optifoils to make it similar to manual shaving machine. Just imagine that the system allows you to make 40k cross cutting actions/ minute and you can see from the cool result. The cutting elements help to cut hairs around your face as well as around neck and chin areas. Those elements also have a job to cleanup everything perfectly just like what you want faster and easier. You can use this electric shaver for about an hour due to the strength of the battery life. You will be directed by the digital display so you know exactly the time to charge this shaving machine. Braun Series 9 is offered in a package with cleaning oil for wet and dry cleaning. The most important, this machine is designed cordless to support its performance.

Braun Series 7 One more Braun Series which you must buy is Braun Series 7. This electric shaving is known as a very advanced electric shaver along with the most sophisticated technology. Just like Braun Series 9, Braun Series 7 is also classified as a foil shaver. One of the strengths is on its flexible head so it is easy following the contour of your face. This product can be adjustable up to five different modes such as normal mode and extra sensitive mode. The great performance can’t be separated from the use of sophisticated technology including Optifoil and Active Lift system. Those features and technologies are the reason why Braun Series 7 is included on the best electric shaver. For those who tend to use gels or foam while shaving, you may use this product to make your shaving fun without any wounds. As the result, you will see a clean and perfect face without any hair left anymore.

Panasonic Arc5

The best part of Panasonic Arc5 is on its machine. By using this product, you are using the first 5-bladed linear electric razor. Moreover, the product is supported by foil, five cutting elements, and pivoting head. Because of the combination of the system, you can use this product for close shaving activity. Incredibly, while controlling the electric shaver, it removes all the stray hairs left on your face with one or two shavers only. High performance doesn’t mean that it limits the comfort because you can still use it whether for dry and wet shaving. One of the secrets is the powerful motor and the digital charger display. This product can be charged and cleaned automatically and 100% waterproof. In short, you will get the cleanest and more fun cleaning experience. It seems the price is a little bit expensive but you know why Panasonic Arc5 is included on the list of best electric shaver, right?

Panasonic Arc4 If you want to use high tech electric shaver than Panasonic Arc5, you can take the previous generation namely Panasonic Arc4. Don’t underestimate the performance because this product is using the same motor. The different is on the cutting blades and just like the name Panasonic Arc4 is using 4 cutting blades. The purpose of combining these systems is to serve a fast, efficient and close shave shaving machine. Panasonic also cares about your safety and that is the reason why the product is designed to prevent hair pulling or skin irritation. Those reasons make Panasonic Arc4 worth it to be included on the best electric shaver. So, which one of the electric shavers above you want to use? Those four electric shavers offer high performance shaver for your satisfactory. The most important, you finally found the list of cordless best electric shaver and the choice is yours!