Best electric shaver is more about personal preference. Since there are various brands of electric shaver, you can find the right one for you according to what you want and need. Some people still prefer the traditional shaving method because the electric shaving is not covering their expectations. So, in this article we are going to reveal the pros and cons of electric shaving. Despite looking for the best electric shaver, we also need to know if electric shaving method is suitable for your or not.

The Pros of Electric Shaver If you prefer fast shaving with convenience process then electric shaver is the answer. Most of electric razors are also equipped with the built-in cleaning station so you do not need to clean it after use. This is also the answer for saving on the go without fear during the process. Basically, using electric shaver will give you more comfort than the traditional can give. It causes almost no-irritation, cuts, or nicks. Besides, people with more sensitive skin can take the benefit of electric razor. If you have sensitive skin then you will need to master several techniques to avoid any unwanted thing. Wet shaving can always be done with electric razor. Good cream and gel for shaving will improve the comfort and closeness. Besides, most electrical shavers are waterproof so you can do the wet shaving as usual. The key is finding the best cream for shaving. The electric shaver also allows you to not deal with the messy cleaning and lathering after you shave. For economical reason, electrical razor can be good for your budget. Of course the initial price can be high, even though there is a chance for you to get good quality electric razor with affordable price. But when it comes to long run, the electrical one is worth to invest. It could last for years and you just need to replace the foil and blade for once a year.

The Cons of Electric Shaver Unfortunately, the high-end electric shaver still could not get a close result just like the blade could. It is more about a personal preference. Other than that, the blade will remove the cells’ top layer which we call as exfoliating. If your skin is not sensitive and you want to peel the dead skin then blades will be a good offer. Sometimes your skin needs more time to adapt with electric razor. The result of first try will be a bit disappointing for you like patches, razor burn and many more. But basically, people need at least 3 weeks to see if the electrical shaver is suitable for them or not. You can get some practices to get used to the electric type and also explore the technique to find the best one. As we have said earlier, the initial price of electrical shaver is fairly high and expensive. Even though the blades and foils need to be replaced once a year, it can be pretty pricey as well. So, if you are not into it then you can consider to switching to electric or stick with the traditional one. Of course the best satisfaction of shaver is not only based on the top line or brand. This is why you will need to explore many things on the internet especially about reviews or other similar things. Review sections will help you to get what you need without have to actually try all products first. Conclusion Traditional and electric razors are two different things that have different fans around the world with their own opinion about the pros and cons. However, the best method of shaving depends on what suits well for you and your skin. When it comes to time efficiency and convenience, electric shaver with dry method will be suitable. But if you prefer something more comfortable with closeness and whole enjoyment then you better go with wet shaving. Since electric shaver can accommodate both wet and dry shaving then it would not hurt you to invest on one of them. More than anything, electric razor is highly recommended because if you like fast shaving but you do not want to get cut, nick, or razor burn. This is why you need the best electric shaver.